donderdag 18 november 2010

I'm back

Hello dear readers,

Thank you for all the lovely comments even when I wasn't updating on a regular basis.
No, I haven't moved away I was having such a 90's problem: no internet connection. I can't believe how depended I am of internet. If you follow me on twitter you know that I've been complaining about this for a while now. I even had to go to public spaces where they offer WIFI to get the job done. At one point it was so ridiculous. We're paying tuition and not sure we have internet at home. Well, no more!

Since it's been a few days I want to give you an update what is been happening in my life. At the end (you can scroll if you want to skip the text, it's ok) I leave you with my new acquisition: the Catrice Run Forest Run! nr.340. 

  1. Back in august I signed up for Secret Santa organised by Valérie. I just found out that my package arrived safely. The blogger, Nefertiti, showed my gifts on her blog. I'm so happy that she's satisfied with the purchases. If you want to know where I got the items, just comment or twitter me. 
  2. Another news is that I got invited to the audition day for Miss Plus Size Fashion 2011. How cool is that! I totally entered as a more spontaneous move never expecting to even get picked. On december 11th I'll be joining 49 other curvy ladies to have a day of fun. I can't wait to meet new people and the current crown holder, Miss Jagaira Hagendijk. I hope to make a blogpost of the day. Keep you posted. 
  3. Last weekend I had my first professional photo shoot in Groningen. I signed up at a plus size model agency (also a spontaneous act, very liberating). The owner advised me to take some professional pictures, so I did. It was such fun to do and I'm thankful to my best friend and her husband, Vienny and Jaap, for making it possible. Here's a preview:
ASOS Curve jumpsuit 
H&M Leopard scarf 

 Catrice Run Forest Run! nr.340

Stay tuned for another Evans November outfit! 

Spread the curvy love !!!!

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  1. wow, you are so beautiful! that pic looks really good, really professional!!!! glad to see you back online sweetie :) hope you have a wonderful time with the other ladies, look forward to hearing about it. hope all is good with you, love Anika

  2. Hey lovely future miss plump !!
    I'm always very happy to hear from you on my blog.
    You're such an inspiration for me you know.
    & besides you look veryyyy pretty on these photos !

  3. I'm so glad you're back! You look stunning! You signing up with a modelling agency is amazing! I know you'll be successful! :D


  4. Aaahh congratulations on the callback! I'm so excited!

    And you look gorgeous in the pictures :)

  5. @Anika: you're so sweet. Thank you so much for the love, I feel it :D I hope to catch a glimpse of the casting day. I'll let u know!

    @B: I'm honoured that I inspire you, reminding u again that u also are an inspiration for many many girls. even though you don't think so. Be u!

    @LaCara:thank you,always so kind and sweet. Over here the +size community isn't really big like in the UK. We'll see what happens.

    @Elizabeth:thank you girl. We'll see what happens. Doing the shoot was fun, I recommend it.

  6. tres jolie tenue et j aime beaucoups le vernis jade

    tres bon w end ;O)


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