donderdag 11 november 2010

How to defancy a fancy dress

La vraie beauté est si particulière, si nouvelle, qu'on ne la reconnaît pas pour la beauté 

Marcel Proust 

Animal print especially leopard print is big this A/W 2010. 
I bought this summerdress because I wanted something very feminine and fancy.
I'm usually in jeans and flat shoes. Not having a special occasion in the near future and wanting to use the dress in my november challenge, I had to defancy the dress. Defancy is that even a word???

I was planning on pulling an Anika, to my opnion one of the best plus size bloggers in mixing prints/patterns. (can you tell I'm a fan, hahaha) But I chickend out, it's not my forté and I do believe one should stick to one's strength? So this time I kept it really safe. 

Dress - Evans 
Tregging - ASOS Curve 
Cardigan, Bonnet, Bracelets, Ring - H&M 
Crochet/leather boots, Necklace, Earrings - Primark 

I had to make pictures inside. It's getting colder and wetter each time. blaaah!

Trying to get in touch with my inner Tyra. I'm still searching, LOL !!

Spread the curvy love <3

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Love your dress and the whole outfit. You look great!

  2. I get what you mean but you know what-just try it once! do/ wear something you wouldn't usually try because it ends up liberating you somehow but at least this is baby steps! This dress (and you) still look so lovely, cute shoes too!

  3. You look fabulous! I really love how you toned down this dress! Give mixing prints a go, you might be surprised with the results! :D


  4. jaa precies dit vind ik ook altijd lastig.. te veel panter vind k al gauw ordinair dus een beetje 'defancying' is vaak nodig :) leuk gedaan zo! Met kleurcontrasten is t ook altijd leuk vind ik :)

  5. I LOVE that outfit!!!
    Tell your hubby to take you out, so that you can wear the dress!! Perfect :-) <3

  6. @Desirée: Thanx 4 the curvy love. Leuk dat je langskomt en comment.

    @Weesha & LaCara:I guess I need to buy&drink me some brave juice.

    @MissG:Leuk je weer te zien. Tja, mixen blijft lastig vind ik.

    @Nefertiti:Merci!La matériel est aussi de trs bonne qualité pour le prix.

    @Anna:LOL, u funny. I'll make sure to sure to tell him. Thnx for the visit.

  7. You look lovely! Love this animal print on you and it's perfect with this color cari! I always look to you for inspiration, lady!

  8. TU es superbe ! La robe, le gilet, tout, tout est parfait !

  9. You are beautiful and you have great style! Kiah


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