donderdag 25 november 2010

Geen Grijze Muis

Today's title is a Dutch expression. If someone calls you a 'grijze muis', that implies you're boring-white-picked-fence citizen. Now that I'm wearing all grey, don't let the color scheme fool you. Ain't nothing white-picked-fence about me (j'espère).

Evans ruched skinny trousers
DYANNE tops 
Invito grey boots 
H&M Accesories 

Just one more day for the weekend!
And bad in need for some inspiration .....
What to blog about in December ??????

8 opmerkingen:

  1. A simple and chic outfit! I love it, cute boots!

    You're far from boring! I've been in to neutrals lately, so I've been wearing similar colors. I also need some inspiration! I seriously don't know what to write about anymore....


  2. I like it, especially the boots!

  3. Leuk die laarsjes!

    come join my giveaway!! I am sure you will love it!


  4. Hey Lady in Grey,
    looking pretty as always!
    How about blogging your christmas / holidayoutfit or showing us your favourite clothes?

    Have a nice evening! <3 Anna

  5. Hi Nefferth, my lovely friend. I love this outfit on you, the deep v, the skinny jeans, the shoes, love it. Neutrals are great, and the way you wear them is anything but boring.

    As for inspiration, hm.

    well, how about featuring your fave bloggers by writing about them in your own words ( a different take on features), or trying to give a new twist to your clothes, or showing us your interpretation of things/oufits that inspire you? or showing a look of a fellow blogger that you really like, sort of a short feature?

    I don`t know honey. Blog about you. That is what I come here for ;)

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface

  6. YOu're so beautiful! I absolutely love this outfit, especially the boots!

  7. Ik vind je outfit geweldig! Ik hou van de ton-sur-ton kleurstelling, daarom ben je zeker geen grijze muis! Love it!


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