maandag 22 november 2010

Dare to wear

I was thinking which outfits we're left to show for this challenge. Et voilà, this piece came to life.It's one of my dariest outfits (see another here) so far. 

This outfit shows a lot of legs. It's not a everyday look, but once and a while I think every woman/girl should let loose and do whatever you feel like wearing. It's kind of ironic, me being shy and all. Maybe I'm like Beyonce: on stage Sacha Fierce - off stage Beyonce Knowles, LOL !!
Evans silk top worn as a dress
We Love Colors Rust tights
 Would I wear this outside? Oh yes!  
Would I wear this to work? Probably not.  
There's a thing called 'being professional'.
My point is if YOU feel like it, wear it. 
You don't need the approval of someone else. 

So what's your dare look?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Another awesome outfit. Before last summer I had the biggest fear of wearing minidresses. I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore one and it felt great. I still wear dresses that show plenty of leg even though it's getting a wee bit cold outside.

  2. great look. i love the color combo!

  3. @Thomessa, good 4 u for stepping out of your CZ, I shall have to take a look

    @Jill, thanx! You know these tights are pretty warm too. You wouldn't tell.

    @Nefertiti, merci!. J'adore ces collants et leurs stocks de différenres couleurs


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