woensdag 24 november 2010

Black and white

You've probably already heard of straight shopping: plus size gals shopping in regular size shops.This tunic was bought in my lighter days. I used to weigh 100 pounds lighter (yeah, I know sounds morbid right?) about 6/7 years ago. I was a size 40/42 (UK 12/14), sometimes 38/40 (UK10). Even back then I was considered a plus size girl. It seems so bizar for me now. I used to walk around thinking how fat I was (read: wrong, ugly, not beautiful). But in fact I wasn't fat at all. The irony of it all is when I gained the weight I finally started rejecting negatives comments of the outside. I started loving me for the woman I am. And I'm happy.
I'm not advocating to go now and gain 100 pounds to be happy. I'm just saying that being thinner didn't mean necessarily a happier me. I'm so glad I stopped punishing my body with extreme dieting and exercise. I treat my body with much more respect. Do I think I'm perfection? No, perfection is a myth. But if I had to change one thing I would want a better physical endurance. Other than this I'm fine. 

 H&M Tunic
New Look Inspire Legging
 Essie's Limited Addiction @Boozyshop 
Chuncky red stone ring @Ydeltuyt
"Aucune grâce extérieure n'est complète si la beauté intérieure ne la vivifie. La beauté de l'âme se répand comme une lumière mystérieuse sur la beauté du corps" - Victor Hugo

Have a great wednesday!

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  1. Leuke blog meid!

    Kom eens langs bij de mijne &. misschien kunnen we elkaar dan volgen?

    + Doe mee met men GIVEAWAY!

    Liefs, Valerie

  2. I can't even remember when I weighed 100 pounds less than I do now. I've never known what it feels like to be smaller than I am now and that's kind of a good thing because it's given me enough knowledge to know what looks good on my body and what just won't work.

    By the way that ring is awesome! You look great!

  3. You look amazing! Love your ring!

    I wish people wouldn't associate
    losing weight = happiness. Just because you lose weight doesn't mean you'll be happy. Happiness comes from within, no matter how much weight you might lose, your happiness will still come from within.

    I'm glad you've accepted yourself, because you are beautiful and amazing just as you are!


  4. You look lovely in this outfit! I love your hair this curly! I'm a big fan of black and white--there's something timelessly classy about it and you totally pull off this look!


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