maandag 8 november 2010

Another part of me

Welcome to all my new readers/followers. I see 47 people now (40 from Googlefriend and 7 from Bloglovin). Even though I didn't start the blog to count how many people follow/read. That doesn't mean you can't appreciate it.
Happy you stop by and read/look/browse. I wish you a great week in advance. 

Last weekend was packed with activities: I was helping my hubby with his artwork. I do the business part and sometimes get to rate his work, to keep him on the edge (uhm).  
Last Saturday we we're at the Kunststripbeurs (comicartfair) in Utrecht. It was in this beautiful church in the center of the city. This exposition was possible because my hubby contributed to this new book "Mooi is dat!".

The book covers the anthology with 1 page comics based on famous Dutch literature. My hubby chose a Dutch Antillean writer because of my origine (sweet huh?). 

At this comicart fair I met this lady artist and I loved her work. She was kind enough to let me choose some cards  for free. Thank you Anne!!! 
Today I'll be doing a vlog around her work and using her art to speak my mind. 
The cards costs 1 euro a piece, just send her an email: info@annemul.nl  if you want to buy some cards. 

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  1. Wow, that was a wonderful video! It showed an interesting part of your personality and the cards and their message were just beautiful - you are beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing!!

  2. Hi Anna, I thought "stop consuming and start giving back". Glad you've enjoyed it. Your feedback is much appreciated :)


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