zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Just don't know what to do

Can you tell I'm having hair issues?? 
A few months before summer I made a choice to go natural. For the readers who don't know: I stopped getting my hair chemically straightened. Some call it 'getting a perm' or 'getting a relaxer'. I wanted to know what my actual hair would do. I also thought it would be easy. Just wash and go, no more waking up early to do my hair. No more afraid of the rain, otherwise my hair would frizz up. No more high bills at the salon.

But I was wrong

Anyway enough about my hair for the day. 

So I'm out for the day with my friend Susanne for a lunch/shop date . And it's pouring rain. Taking an umbrella is pointless. The wind will blow that away. Aaargh, weather (wo)man why can't you behave and adjust to my outfit ??

Good saturday 2 y'all 

Velvet shorts - New Look Inspire 
Eagle oversized shirt, earrings bonnet, bracelets - H&M 
Tights - We Love Colors Light Tan 
Purple ribbon - Elizabeth 
Nails - Catrice From Dusk To Dawn (200) 
Booties - Primark 

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  1. I love your hair! But I do know what you mean about bad hair days - I always wear a hat like this on those days! Also, I'm so glad you got the package :) That's such a good way to use the bows, I'll have to try it!

  2. Wow, the outfit is fantastic. So subtle. The hat looks great too. I couldn't tell you're wearing it because of a bad hair day. It looks great ;).

  3. gosh! I have curly hair and the same problem. I would love to have them straightened for good. Rain it is definitely our worst enemy!
    But there are good anti-frizz products that work! Use hair pins and nice elastic band to put them up and be fashionable!

    Come and find out about my giveaway!


  4. i love both these outfits!! they're so great. i love your use of color and proportion :)

  5. you may be having hair issues, but who cares cuz that hat looks adorable!

  6. Hi Nefferth,

    looking pretty as always. Had to look into you old postings to see what your long hair was like and have to say, I love your short haircut. It suits you perfektly and gives you such an individual touch. Will you let your hair grow again?
    Have a nice week :-)


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