woensdag 20 oktober 2010

I say velvet

When I first saw velvet items in the A/W 2010 collection I wasn't sure what to think of it. Back in the 90's I owned quit some pieces: pants, blazer, skirt and yes a scarf. Back then velvet was my thing. Velvet and combat boots. Can't recall why and when the love faded. It just suddenly did. Why not explore my love again by challenging myself with velvet shorts? To me a double challenge, because you can see my knees (yikes!). I have 'a thing' with my knees in case I wasn't obvious enough. 

A basic look for work (or however you prefer it). Zonder poespas -> you would say in Dutch. Very buildable outfit, dressing up or down, adding color or not. 

I ordered these shorts a while ago @New Look (Inspire collection). And yes, I'm in love. I know, I know. How many clothes can this girl love? The texture is great. It feels so soft. I have the biggest size on (UK 26), I like the slouch look and how loose it fits. You can order your own size to my opinion, no need to size up. And that's a plus when clothes actually fit. 

Before I forget, I must say something about these shoes. These are my first E size shoes from Evans. And woohoo, how I missed out, LOL. I can actually walk in them. And yes ladies, I'm wearing heels. Not just for the pictures, but really stepping out of my door and walking in them. Have a great day! <3 Nef 

Shorts: New Look Inspire 
Polka dot/ruched top: H&M
Blazer: M&S Mode 
Bag: Dyanne (Dutch designer)
Peep toe shoes, tights: Evans 

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  1. You look wonderful, when you say velvet shorts I get a pretty messed up mental image but you've totally changed my mind- love the shorts and the entire outfit actually!

  2. Agreed, I wasn't 2 sure either. That's why sometimes we should step out of the wagon, right? @Weesha


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