woensdag 13 oktober 2010

City chic

It was so much fun getting ready yesterday. Not that it was very different for an ordinary day. I have to plan my outfits the night before. Otherwise I won't be able to make a decision what outfit to pick. 

Yesterday was my mother's in law birthday and she invited me along for a city trip. Immediately my mind went to miss Hepburn. Of course with my own little twist. I emphasised on comfort without losing style, hence the red shoes + the flats. I don't know about you but me and heels are not friends. I tried many times, I always end up regretting wearing them (too long). For the walking part I used my red shoes and later in the evening I wore the bronze flats. 

Dorothy Perkins: striped dress with belt 
H&M : pearl ring, headband, tregging, red shoes
New Look: earrings
Primark: flats
Six: necklace 

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this jacket. The store owner hung it outside. Translated it says: we repare a lot but this is even for us too much. LOL !!! I kind of like the busted look of the jacket. Reminds me of Ke$ha.

So what will I do with this dress next. Yet two more looks to create. One look will be work appropriate and the other will be more festive, maybe a date night look. We shall see.

Thanx for reading <3 Nef 

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  1. I love how you styled this. I got this dress yesterday it the mail and love it too, but couldn't really think of styling it any other way beside tights and a cardigan, haha. I'll have to try it like this :)

  2. You look lovely and pretty happy :-)
    I'm looking forward to the other outfits.
    Read you soon :-)

  3. Love this outfit! It looks so comfortable, but ever so stylish! Me & heels do not get along either, but I've been practising lmao.


  4. i like the way you styled this outfit a lot!

  5. I'm sure you can put something together @Elizabeth

    I'm getting there, with the happy part, last time I got really encouraged, thanx for asking @Anna

    Oh, I have a compatriot, thank God, I was starting 2 feel lonely in the "no-heels-4-me" world, LOL @LaCara

    Thank you so much, I do it with pleasure @Jill

  6. Love love this outfit, very chic! :D


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