woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Challenge: denim shirt

This week's challenge it's going to be tough. I'm styling the denim shirt. Tadatadara! How I'm going to make it night wear appropiate ??? Or work ready ??

Oh yes, I'm feeling this hair ladies. Can you tell ??

Coat - New Look 
Denim shirt - Primark 
Shirt, skirt, flower scarf - H&M 
Animal print scarf - Elizabeth from Lizzie O: A Syle Blog (go check her out)
Black leather belt - My mom's 
Miffy (Nijntje) necklace - Thrifted 
Tights - We Love Colors 
Shoes - Invito 

This will be my final challenge outfit (two more looks to go) for this month. 
Did you enjoy the challenge? What should I do next?
Any suggestion or requests ?? Let me know what's on your mind!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. This has got to me one of my favorite outfits from you! I love it! You look fabulous, I love the layers and different prints on the scarves.
    You doing so well with your challenge can't wait to see more! ;D


  2. Great outfit. I love what you did with the shirt, but I have to say that scarf tops off the outfit perfectly. Brilliant :) xx

  3. Thanx again @LaCara, I'm learning more and more from all those lovely curvy ladies doing there thing ....

    Oh, I can't wait 2 see your hair. Send me a post/photo !!! @IcedGem

  4. Love your hair - stunning! Btw, I hadn't realize the Miffy character was Dutch until I found out about Dick Bruna Museum in Utrecht. =D

  5. tu es superbe dans ces couleurs claires !!



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