zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

All a girl needs

.... is a little bit of luck. Or was it diamonds?

First, I want to thank all these lovely ladies for reading and lifting up my spirit: Nicolette, Anna, BéréniceElizabeth and Wendy !!! Thank you so much you guys, it does a girls heart GOOD

On saturday's me and my hubby have one of our many quality time moments. We go to this coffee place at the central station. There we retrospect the week while enjoying some good caramel cappuccino (my favorite). Today was no exception. 

After having some down time lately, the sun greeted me warmly today. I've been having this skirt waiting to be worn since the beginning of summer. I just couldn't figure out how. You see I bought the skirt in a size L. Uhm, that's way too small for me, but I loved the color. (I'm loving the greens this season) 

To tell you the truth I felt a bit uncertain going out like that. 
I could swear people looking at me. Was it because they felt I'm too big to wear a mini? Or are these inner voices my own demons? I decided to get myself out there, feeling confident or not. Rock that skirt!

Blazer - Thrifted
Shirt,skirt, red scarf- H&M
Tights - We Love Colors
Shoes, mini satchel bag - Primark 
Accessories - Primark, H&M
Nails - Essie Sew Psyhed

Psst, how cute is this coat? Too bad it went till Large, otherwise I would have bought this baby for sure.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I think you rock this outfit. If people were staring it's because you look seriously hot! And also, I say this like every time, but you are so gorgeous!

  2. I love the trench , it's a shame that it was not the right side!

    & ... you're a true beauty you know !!

    ps: you're welcome ;)

  3. You look lovely and have great legs! (I could not pull of white tights in a million years!) I agree that if people were looking its because you are beautifully coordinated!


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