woensdag 1 september 2010

Lace alert !

I was having some fun with the camera in stead of packing. Ugh, I do hate it!
By accident I ended up discovering this option on the camera.
This is an outfit I wouldn't dare to wear outside the house, yet.

A bit too revealing I guess and I think I have to find the perfect match of clothes.I like the colors (you can't see) but the lace bodysuit (Vero Moda) is a cream color paired with a greyish/green(M&S Mode) vest. And yes, it was all on SALE. Big plus!I realize I hardly buy something at the original retail price anymore. Does that make me a miser?

Maybe pairing it with an A-line skirt will make it more comfortable for me. Je sais pas. On the other hand I absolutely adore these forest animals accessories (H&M). Too cute !!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! And hey, just give a shoutout if you're down over in Oz! =D Btw, I am throwing a mini giveaway on my blog. Come check it out =D

    xo Mavy

    PS: Love the wedges and especially the lace top! Gotta love lace.

  2. Tu es trop jolie et cette tenue est tout simplement sexy!! Ne t'en prive pas, tu devrais sortir comme ca sans aucun problème. J'espére que ton mari sait la chance qu'il a d'avoir une beauté pareille à ses côtés!
    Mais ou est tu? je guette ton blog depuis quelques jours et toujours pas de nouvelles...reviens vite!

  3. I love the texture of that bodysuit! I always wear a sheer top with something high-waisted so I don't feel so exposed.

  4. Love the lace, very cute! The rings are so nice too. xo



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