maandag 6 september 2010

Goodbye summer!

Hello everyone,

I've been away visiting my parents and it was lovely to see my family again.
It was so hot I didn't really had the energy to post an outfit regularly.
Besides at my parents home there wasn't any internet compatible with my macbook.How silly is that? I missed posting outfits and catching up on my blog reading. At one point I was so behind my reading, I thought I would never finish the list.

Being away from my usual habitat made me decide to make a compilation of my (almost everyday) worn outfits. Not very spectacular as you can see. It is really something else styling in extreme hot weather.
Must learn much yet, I say.

This post is also an official goodbye to summer and a warm welcome to fall.
Pictures we're taken at my mother's and brother's house.

Dress, boots - Thrifted
Hairflower - H&M
Ivory tights - We love colors

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiii!!
    Je suis bien contente de te lire!! Je suis surtout contente que ton absence soit dû à des vacances chez tes parents et non pas autre chose!
    Il a l'air de faire très chaud, où vivent tes parents?
    J'aime beaucoup tes tenues surtout la combinaison pantalon et la petite robe noire avec la ceinture marron et que dire de cette tenue très fleurie!! Tu es juste mangifique!

  2. Hello, ca va?
    C'etait trop chaud de temps en temps, je voulais pas me mettre des vetements. Bizarre, n'est-ce pas? Je suis nee aux Antilles Neerlandaises sur la petite ile de Curacao. Merci, merci por tes commentaires, encore une fois je les apprecie. Et, mes excuses pour les manques des accents, je les detestent vraiment.

  3. Welcome back!!! PS: I love the last shot of you in pastel colored dress. =D

  4. Pretty!
    Love the flower in your hair.


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