zaterdag 25 september 2010

Finally: the goodies

Dear readers,

A bit delayed because of the flu.
So here they are -> in all their glory, waiting for a home.

1. Catrice Nail Lacqueur nr.230 Clay-ton, My hero
To my opinion a perfect neutral color for the season

2. Claire's vintage look necklace -> a little phone

3. Hearth shaped ring and earring, for the romantic touch, hahaha!

I really enjoyed shopping around for you all.

If you already entered on the former post (see title link), you don't have enter to twice.
If you haven't entered, feel free to do so. It's easy:

- you must be a follower
- comment and leave your email address

Monday the october 11th I will announce the winner.
I will probably pick the winner the old fashioned way. Meaning writing names on a piece a paper, throw them all in a bowl, shake and make my hubby pick one.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hey, im glad you are feeling a little better..btw i love your style & blog :)
    and i love the heart shaped ring <3



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