donderdag 23 september 2010

Another kind of collection

Stéphanie of Le blog de Big Beauty will be working with La Redoute for a new wintercollection. Yes, yes, I love her style picks and I wanted to share my favourites with you. Her outfits will be available on the october 19th at www.laredoute.fr
The title is linked back to her site. If you've never been, you should.

This winter I'm wanting a lot of stuff, BUT we're on a budget so I really have to make some decisions about what to buy this season. I'll start with the pieces of Stéphanie, move over to other brands I love: H&M, ASOS Curve, Evans and Forever 21.
I'll probably be looking for expanding my wardrobe through local thrift stores.

Ok let's start.

I want this smoking BAD! Love the high shoulders and the carrot pants. I think it's an universal piece with a twist. I would wear it to work but also for going out. It's a versatile piece which is easy to spice up or down with some accessories.

I adore this red coat. I think it will complement my skin tone, any skin tone in that matter.

Love this, not quit sure how I could make it work in my wardrobe. But love it still!

The same carrot idea but now on the jeans, ASOS Curve loose fit.

I finally found me some dots tights. I don't know if they fit, but I'll see.

These boots look comfy and autumn proof. I'm thinking of paring them with my long black skirt. Just to make the outfit a little more rock and roll.

Sadly we don't have a Forever21 here in the Netherlands. I would be living in that store, the accessories alone, too much!
One thing I crave is this bag. I'm tearing up right now, 'cause I know I can't buy it :(
The shipping fee is killing if you compare it with ASOS Curve. Still want it though.

Love this Evans hareem pants. The navy color can be mixed with a lot of my own stuff. I think the pants will fit nicely.

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  1. I LOVE her Stephanie's new line, it's gorgeous! you have some great picks here, I'm especially loving the bag. As for the tights, a lot of girls seem to love the brand We Love Colors, apparently they have a vast range of sizes and styles, check them out maybe you'll like something!

  2. I know, she's lovely right? I've just discovered We Love Colors and I'm trying them out @Weesha


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