woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Ton sur ton

Sometimes I feel there's not enough days in a year.
My mind is bombarded with ideas and different color schemes when thinking about outfits.

My own little rule is to avoid making two pictures of one outfit in a day.
Unless I have another activity planned. New activity, new outfit. Right?

Today I let my new chill corner inspire me.
When it's sunset I usually sit there and watch over the harbor.
Very calming ....

Maybe silly but I started this blog as a way to express myself.
I'm not a professional, I'm just me. Loving clothes and dressing up.
And I'm humbled to see that are others who appreciate my creativity.

To you all, thank you <3

Librarian blouse - ASOS Curve
Shorts - M&S Mode
Tights - Evans
Nails - Only You nr. 149 by ICI Paris XL
Sequined belt - Thrifted
Ballerinas - Principles
Flower/Hearts Earring - Primark
Ring, Sequined hairpiece - H&M

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this outfit "Néo Chic" as we say in France.
    You're daring, you can associate a pair of shorts with a shirt and it's perfect!
    Your chair looks comfortable! You're a dreamer.
    I love your blog and your choice of outfits, you make good choices!
    Continuous and especially do not stop!


  2. lovely :)

    I bought this blouse from Asos too but had to send it back. It looks so awkward on me for some reason. But it suits you so well!

  3. Thank you for you lovely comments and for stopping by @Sihem and @Elizabeth ....


Thank you for stopping by and commenting <3 Nefferth aka Mode Plus

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