zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

PF: Practical Fashion

Today it's a simple every day outfit. A jean, T-shirt and some accessories.

Nothing really fancy but I still put it on my blog because this is what I would wear for comfort.I don't just want to put outfits on that are edgy or dressed up. It's also about the practical side of fa(t)shion.
What do you think?

Some of the stuff I got today at my favorite high street store: H&M

1. My laptop bag -> I think this color goes really well with the olive green skirt.
My mission now is to find a blouse/shirt in that color. But a goldish or bronze color will do also.

2. From left to right:
- Black mini skirt (BB collection), black suspenders (DIVIDED)
- Flower headband
- Animal rings -> a deer, a rabbit, an owl, and a fox (DIVIDED)
- Animal earrings -> all the above and a squirrel, a raccoon (Sorry for the bad quality of the picture)
- Printed tee
- Olive green mini skirt -> it's a Large, so very huggy on the hips. Uhm!

1 opmerking:

  1. Lookin' good =)

    Yeh, I dress for comfort too. I always have my basic pieces in my wardrobe, jeans, a black tee, white tee and sneakers! ahhhhh.... the staples.

    x Mavy


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