donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Don't let the weather bring you down

The weather is rainy, windy and just depressing.
I on the other hand am feeling quit light and romantic.
But what to wear in this weather???

Tunic - Rossana Lima for M&S Mode
Vest - DYANNE at C&A
Chocolate brown legging - Evans
Earrings, boots - Primark
Ring - New Look
Flower hairpiece, shawl - H&M
Nails - Nail Lacquer nr.220 by KIKO

5 opmerkingen:

  1. From head to toe--beautiful! I love, love the hair flower accessory, ring and your taupe boots! Your scarf reminds me of how an outfit is elevated from good to great when you throw one on.

  2. You are very pretty and you have a good stylish!

  3. Thank you ladies for stopping by and commenting !!


Thank you for stopping by and commenting <3 Nefferth aka Mode Plus

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