woensdag 7 juli 2010

The heat is on!

So I'm back from Rock Werchter. It was hot, dusty, wet, sweaty and more. We had so much fun there. I didn't expect the hot weather. Do you know how difficult it is to look fatshionable and comfortable at the same time? I had all these plans to swicth from one outfit to the other. Oh, I was wrong. Still, I have some pics and I will share :)
PS: I was looking forward to seeing my fatshion heroine Beth Ditto. She looked ok and didn't seem to want to give a concert on a hot, sweaty day either. She was smarter though; she wore these black shorts (by Evans) under her dress-shirt. SMART!!

This was my starting outfit. Look at me all smiley and happy !! Little did I know that we would have a major trafficjam :( We did 6 hours over 15 kilometers and missed some great bands that day. I was pissed!

At arrival I switched into a more comfy outfit. Shirt and pants - H&M, Flipflops - Sisley.

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