donderdag 29 juli 2010

Colors, colors, colors

In my pursuit of spicing up my wardrobe with some color, I found this bright orange shirt in the sale. Of course I paired it up with my biker jacket.
The weather was just perfect for it.

In the picture you see my brown clogs but I changed them for the red sneakers. Just for comfort purposes.
I'm afraid the clogs will not see the outside of my house.
Well, they can accompany all the other pairs who didn't feel the actual ground.
Maybe I should do a post about them or better swap them !!!

Hmmm, to swap or not to swap .......
I feel a post coming up, don't you?

Black leather biker jacket - Episode (thrift store)
Purple skeleton heads shawl, black shirt, headband, earrings - H&M
Black heart shaped elastic belt - Borrowed from mommy dearest
Bright orange shirt - Inspire by New Look
Grey skinny jeans - Evans
Clogs - Primark

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