maandag 21 juni 2010

Preparing for Rock Werchter 2010 part un

This year I will be going to RW 2010. Some coolbands will be there: Gossip (jeeh, Beth Ditto, FATSHION forward), Midlake, The XX, 30 seconds 2 Mars, Rammstein, Editors, Muse, Them crooked vultures, Pearl Jam and many more.

I'm still thinking about what to wear. I can't choose.........

Here are some of my favorites picks:

1. Black biker jacket (Thrift store: Episode)

2. Off-white lace shirt (New Look)

3. Floral dress (Thrift store: Cheap Fashion)

4. Floral skirt (H&M)

5. Shirt (H&M)

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