donderdag 28 augustus 2014

OUTFIT | PinK Clove Black Skort

It's always nice to discover plussize brands on the web. I especially love when brands are not afraid to try out a 'skinny' trend. Just to make sure, I'm not trying to offend anyone in this post. And this is definitely NOT a skinny versus plussize post. See it more like a style at any size kind of approach. Now that I got that clear, I'm going back to Pink Clove. So I went on their site and was delighted to see this little darling -which also comes in a floral version- : the skort. When a skirt and a short have a baby so to speak. Just type in skort and Google will show you tons of bloggers wearing the Zara version. Unfortunately if you are a little on the fuller side, the Zara version won't fit. So thank God for the Pink Clove team. I love their material. It feels soft and comfortable. The fabric is thick enough so you won't get that nasty chub rub thing going on. The only downside that I have: I miss pockets. I also thought it would be fun to show you how versatile the skort can be by styling my favorite go-to looks.  Scroll down to get inspired :)

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