maandag 15 februari 2016

FASHION | Beth Ditto Spring 2016 collection

Highly anticipated, the Beth Ditto plussize collection is finally here. And of course, I went linea recta to her website. First impression: loads of color, diverse use of models which is a always a big plus for me to see also color in the representation of the clothing. The Beth Ditto line has a retro vibe, just how you would expect. It looks like a line she would wear herself. 

Would I buy/wear it? Some pieces yes (Double Bubble dress and Nina dress). But loads of pieces not anymore. I've been transitioning in a more calmer and minimalistic approach to my life, so that reflects also on my closet. I don't buy as easy. It must be a piece I absolutely love and need. As I scroll through the collection, I find it fun, playful. Something I would recommend my younger sister in her mid 20s. At least that is my vibe I'm getting of the collection. 
What do you think? Would you buy a Beth Ditto?
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